Man Claiming To Be From The Future Steals Sandwiches From Fast Food Restaurant

Dante Rashad Anderson

Anderson said that he was four years advanced and that everyone on his planet is dead.

A man identified as 36-year-old Dante Rashad Anderson has been arrested after attempting to steal food from multiple fast food restaurants in Oklahoma City.

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It all went down on April 15th when Anderson first walked into a Carl’s Junior and started screaming and demanding food. Fortunately the staff were able to convince him to leave without incident, but he then walked across the street to an Arby’s where he jumped on the counter and demanded food, claiming he was from the future. Oklahoma City Police Department MSgt. Gary Knight explains what happened:

Anderson grabbed the manager and forced her against the wall and then grabbed some chicken and bacon sandwiches and exited the premises.

He was talking about how he was from four years in the future and that is how people will get food during that period of time.

It was possible he was under the influence of some sort of narcotic or intoxicant or suffering from some type of break with reality.


Following his exit from the store, Anderson kicked and damaged several vehicles whilst he was walking across the street.

One woman named Patricia Beedle said the following: ‘He jumped up like he was Chuck Norris and just kicked the crap out of my car. I mean, he kicked it so hard you could just feel the momentum of him kicking it.’

We managed to track him down to where he was lying on the floor outside Taco Mayo.

He told us his ankle was broken and he was four years advanced. He also mentioned that everyone on his planet was dead.

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Unsurprisingly following his mad run around the city, Anderson was booked and faces charges of robbery by force or fear, assault and battery and destruction of property. Expect him to be wallowing in a cell for a while, facing withdrawal symptoms from whatever the hell drug he was on that made him say and do such weird stuff. We’re betting it was bath salts – here’s a video of a naked man with an afro going on a rampage in the San Francisco subway system on them.


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