Man Stabbed To Death During Rush Hour At Morden Tube Station

Man Stabbed To Death Morden Tube Station

More pain and suffering on the London tubes.

It’s being reported that a man was stabbed to death outside Morden tube station in Kenton Gardens, London this morning at around 8 a.m.

He was believed to be in his mid 20s and was pronounced dead at the scene. The man hasn’t been identified yet and so no family members have been contacted. He’s scheduled to have an autopsy in the next couple of days.

Detective Chief Inspector Dave Reid said:

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The stabbing occurred during the rush hour period and there would have been a number of people in the vicinity making their way to the train station.

I am appealing for anyone who may have seen the stabbing or the events leading up to the incident to get in contact with us.

To be honest – although I know how annoying a morning commute is and how easy it is to ignore most of what is going on around you – it seems kind of unbelievable that nobody would have seen or heard someone getting stabbed to death as they were passing through the station and done something to help him. I suppose that’s just London for you though.

Let’s hope that whoever was responsible for this is caught and brought to justice soon. Let’s hope nobody filmed the incident and tries to use it to further their rap career like this prick did at the start of December.


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