A Man Was Spotted Casually Driving A Bumper Car Down The Street



Bumper cars or dodgems are great fun but you’re only really ever going to encounter them at the fun fair or a theme park – they’re just not built for actual transportation.

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Or so we all though until 34 year old Ben Peters uploaded the following video yesterday. Ben was driving around Harlow in Essex when he spotted some weirdo sitting at a junction in a bumper car. Very, very weird.

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Posted by Telematics Pro on Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Yeah, absolutely no idea how that guy got there. The pole mounted contact had been detached so it definitely wasn’t being powered by the usual method of electricity and there’s some talk of the dodgem possibly being battery powered doing the rounds but again I’m not so sure how feasible that sounds.

My guess is that the guy just pushed his dodgem to the crossroads and sat in it in some kind of bizarre prank that is getting attention but I’m not exactly sure who is benefitting. I mean if you’re gonna do something like that at least promote your new business or something, right?

For more dodgems, check out these penis shaped bumper cars over in Brazil. Such a weird country.


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