Here’s Why Spitting Directly Into Someone’s Face On The Subway Is NOT Recommended

Did he deserve this outcome?

We have our fair share of lunatics on the London Underground but I swear it’s nothing like what they have going on in New York, where freaks, weirdos and violent, pissed off psychopaths ride alongside regular people every day.

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The NY Post shared this video earlier of an incident at 34th Street in Manhattan, where a complete moron spits in the face of a guy double his size not once, but TWICE.

Here’s how that turned out for him:

You know you’re a complete idiot when someone knocks you unconscious and kicks your head in and all the witnesses are saying “yup, he deserved it”. I mean I guess he thought he was safe because the subway doors had closed but what a totally dumb move waiting around on the platform when he saw the guy had already split the door open.

Anyway, doubt he’ll be making that mistake again (if he’s still alive after that beatdown, that is).

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