Man Spits 24 Times At Police Officer As They Help Him Into Ambulance


I’m not really sure that spitting at someone is ever really acceptable, but it’s even less so during the COVID-19 era, so it’s really distressing that we’re still seeing videos like the one below where people repeatedly spit on others.

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This one was uploaded by the Suffolk Police Federation and shows a man who has been arrested and helped into an ambulance by a policewoman and a paramedic and proceeds to spit on the young policewoman at least 24 times in the video. Tony Wetton, the new chairman of Derbyshire Police Federation, said the following about the incident:

This is a case where there is a young female officer in the first year on the job in the back of an ambulance where she has arrested a young bloke.

He was in handcuffs in an ambulance and they were taking him to hospital.

The body warn footage has caught it – he has spat at her 24 times, including repeatedly at her face in the course of their journey.

It really struck a cord with police officers in this county and also across the UK. To me, spitting is the most vile thing you can do to anybody, including police officers.

As a police officer I would rather be punched in the face or kicked than spat at. It’s terrible behaviour. The officer would have had to have been tested for a host of different things.

It shows the sort of things police officers are up against and the risks they face. That testing period would be a difficult time for any member of the public and that includes police officers.

It is freaking repulsive isn’t it and I pretty much agree with everything that Wetton is saying there. I get that being arrested is pretty inconvenient and annoying but chances are that this dickhead probably deserved it and spitting at the police isn’t going to do him any favours in this station anyway. What an absolute weapon.

It’s not immediately clear why the man was arrested or what happened to him following the video, but let’s hope that he was punished accordingly and that the fact that this is now available on the internet will be enough to screw up his life at least a little bit. You shouldn’t be able to get away with stuff like that.

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