This Guy Who Shut Down The Motorway To Propose To His Girlfriend Is The Absolute Worst

This guy is worse than Hitler.

Anyone who shuts down traffic for any other reason than being involved in an accident or having their car break down is an absolute douche bag, we all know that. I mean what other reason could there possibly be?

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24-year-old Vidal Valladares has been charged with obstruction of a highway after shutting down the I-45 highway in Texas so that he could get out of his car and propose to his girlfriend. What an absolute prick!

Vidal — who’s facing 6 months in prison — says:

I’m feeling bad and, of course, I just wanted to apologize to everyone if I caused any problems. That wasn’t my intention in the beginning. I just wanted to do something different.

The real cheeky part is Vidal had a bunch of friends and family in eight different cars BLOCK traffic so that he could pull the whole thing off.

The good news (for him) is that his girlfriend said yes and they’ll be getting married in March (provided he’s not locked up for it).

The reason he chose the I-45 is because it was his girlfriend’s favourite view of the city.

Love makes you do stupid things and I wanted to do something big for my girl. Something that she will always remember.

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Whether he wanted to do something amazing for his girlfriend or not, this guy is a grade A arsehole. Blocking off traffic on a busy motorway and ruining people’s days, making them late for their appointments, so that he could propose to his dumb-arse girlfriend. It being Texas and all I’m surprised no one just ran him over.

If I was one of the people stuck on that motorway I would actually find out when this wedding was taking place and do something to ruin it. Well maybe not ruin it but I’d want mess with him in some way. Prick.

P.S. Remember the guy who faked his death in order to propose to his girlfriend? Classic.


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