A Man Just Shot Himself On Facebook Live After His Relationship Broke Down



Facebook Live has been an addition to the website that few people have really comprehended, but nevertheless sometimes it is kinda funny to see someone you went to school with live streaming their shit house party, featuring fifteen minutes of them drinking cans of Fosters with some people you would find down your local job centre in what looks like a complete and utter skag den. That – or the equivalent – seems to be the most popular use for the feature at this point.

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However, Facebook Live has the potential for some absolutely awful abuses and this was revealed yesterday when a Turkish guy decided to shoot himself in the chest and stream it for everyone to see. 22-year-old Erdogan Ceren explains to the camera in his native tongue that he has been driven to suicide by the breakdown of his relationship and appears to be really distressed during the broadcast.

You can see the start of the video below but not the actual moment he fires the gun on himself because I don’t really want to be in the business of promoting snuff movies. If you really want to see it though, just Google Erodgan Ceren suicide video and it’s pretty easy to find:

Ugh. That’s bad enough but the actual video is even worse – it basically shows him point the gun at his chest, then you hear a bang and the screen goes black for about four minutes. Heartbreaking.

His family heard the noise and rushed Erodgan to hospital, but by the time he reached the hospital his wounds were too serious and his life was unable to be saved. RIP.

For more ways not to use Facebook Live, check out this guy who shot himself in the head on Facebook Live to get more followers. Idiot.


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