Man Shoots Dead School Bully At School Reunion After 53 Year Old Grudge

Get over it dude.

They say that the events you experience when you’re growing up shape the rest of your life, but I would like to think that most of us could get over it enough that we wouldn’t still be sore about them some 50 years later.

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Apparently this isn’t always the case though, as this vengeance killing over in central Thailand teaches us. 69 year old Thanapat Anakesri attended his school reunion on Saturday afternoon where he confronted Suthat Kosayamat about bullying him back when the pair were 16.

You might think that both of them could probably just laugh and joke about this and let bygones be bygones, given that it was over 50 years since the alleged event in question, but apparently not as Anakersi took exception to the fact that Kosayamat couldn’t remember what had happened between them 53 years ago. Again you might think that Anakesri might give him a break because it was so long ago, but no – instead he got really angry and pulled out a handgun and shot Kosayamat dead. Yeowch.

Kosayamat was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital whilst Anakesri fled the scene. Whilst Kosayamat was buried yesterday, police are still on the lookout for Kosayamat who is said to have fled his house and province. They are looking to charge him with murder when they finally find him.

The man who organised the event Tuean Klakang said that he perhaps should have seen it coming, but didn’t think anyone would still be angry about something after so long:

Thanapat [Anakesri] would get drunk then often talk about how angry he was about being bullied by Suthat [Kosayamat]. He never forgot about it.

But as these things happened such a long time ago, I would never have imagined that he would have killed his friend like this. We are all shocked by it.

I mean it’s a pretty shocking situation I’m not surprised. Find it crazy that anyone can still hold on to something for that long, I’m nowhere near 69 years old and I’ve already forgiven people for way worse shit than that I think. Only possible reason I could think of for Anakersi to be so angry about it was if he had been raped by Kosayamat, but you would think that would have come up by now if it was the case.

Really weird story and the morale is to basically get over it. Ain’t no point in letting your anger define your life. RIP Kosayamat.

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