Man Has Sex With Three Cows After Breaking Into Employer’s Farm In The Middle Of The Night


Chances are that if you’re sexually attracted to animals then you’re going to have to go about your business under the cover of darkness, but you probably need to do a better job than the guy in this story if you want to get away with it.

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A guy called Rathodiya from over in Varnama, India has been taken into custody by police after he was accused of breaking into his boss’s milk farm and having sex with three cows in the middle of the night. His boss Lalji Rabar was tipped off after one of the cows turned up dead in the morning – it seems that Rathodiya murdered it in order to cover his tracks or something, although I’m not sure that that was really the best method of doing that.


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Rabar immediately suspected his worker, as it transpires that he had previously admitted to having sex with a cow a couple of years ago. During questioning, Rathodiya broke like a little boy and admitted that had broken into the farm, tied up the feet of three cows and then proceeded to have sex with all three of them before killing one of them.

He’s now facing charges of having unnatural sex, committing mischief by killing and injuring cattle, outraging religious feelings, and animal cruelty. A judge also ordered a mental health evaluation on him. Not really sure why he was allowed to work with cows again after he already admitted violating one, but maybe it was cheap labour and Rabar thought he would take the risk. Doesn’t look like it’s paid off so well now.

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