Man Arrested For Having Sex With Stuffed ‘Olaf’ Snowman Toy In Front Of Horrified Shoppers

“I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs”

A man who sexually assaulted a stuffed ‘Olaf’ from Frozen snowman toy in front of shoppers at a Florida Target store has been arrested.

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According to the Metro, 20-year-old Cody Meader ‘lifted’ Olaf off the shelf, put him on the floor and then simply started shagging the large stuffed Disney character toy.

The worst part? Police say Cody ejaculated on the toy before replacing it on the shelf and seeking out ‘a large unicorn stuffed animal’ which he also spunked on.

Cody admitted in court to doing ‘stupid stuff’ and confessed that he ‘nutted’ on the toy.

His dad, who was not at the store with Cody, told police that his son has ‘a history of this type of behaviour’, having been arrested for a similar offence when he was caught picking up a stuffed animal from the shelves of a Walmart store in Brooksville and masturbating with it.

Aside from the fact this took place in Florida, I think the least surprising aspect of it is that this isn’t the first time Cody Meader has shagged a stuffed toy. I mean nobody just does that once in the middle of a busy shop just on a whim, right? It’s definitely something he’d been doing for years until one day he said ‘fuck it’ and took his perversions public.

We can only hope that he’s only ejaculated on those two toys mentioned in his arrest records but let’s be honest, there’s probably a bunch of toys on shelves across Florida that this guy’s nasty jizz has dried over. If you’re a parent shopping in the area you’d do well to give a thorough inspection to any potential toy to buy for your kids – don’t want this guy’s DNA anywhere near them.

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