A Man Has Been Caught Having Sex With His Dog After Leaving A Weird Graphic Voicemail

Man Sex Dog Pocketdial

Goddamn pocket dial – always catching you out.

If you’re having sex with your dog, then the last thing that you probably want to happen is that you accidentally pocket dial someone and leave a really long graphic voicemail. Well, I suppose it would be worse if someone caught you on camera doing it – like what happened to this pizza delivery guy in Florida one time – but the pocket dial thing is probably up there.

A 54 year old guy called Russell Joseph Meyers from Alabama forgot to lock his keypad before he started ramming his dog in the butt, and as such his affair (right term?) was discovered by his boss after he heard the voicemail. Needless to say he was fired and arrested and charged with having sex with his German Shepherd four times.

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Meyers was also found to be in possession of weed when the cops picked him up. Now we need to make it clear that there should be no link between smoking weed and fucking your dog – that shit’s just straight up freaky.

The trial is currently ongoing but we expect he’ll be found guilty because that voicemail is pretty damning evidence to be honest. The German Shepherd is said to be doing just fine and is currently being examined by vets.

Meyers was the first person to be tried under new bestiality laws that are currently coming into play in Alabama. Amazingly, it wasn’t a crime there until recently.

Another dude is set to stand trial shortly for having sex with his wife’s shih tzu because he was jealous of all the attention it was receiving. You really couldn’t make this stuff up. And honestly, what the hell is the deal with so many people having sex with dogs all the time anyway?


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