Video Shows Man Screaming In Agony As Crab Tries To Rip His Balls Off

Crab Pain

One pincer per ball.

If you’re a guy – hell probably if you’re a girl too – then it’s well known that the most sensitive area of your body is your genitals, so it’s a definite no-no that you want anyone grabbing them violently. Especially if that someone is a crab.

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Unfortunately for the guy in this video though, that’s exactly what’s happened to him. It’s taken somewhere in Thailand and there isn’t really much context to it, except that the guy seems to have been swimming through a river when the little creature latched onto his balls.

What ensues looks like absolute agony:

Yeah, that’s almost definitely near the top of my list of things I don’t want to do any time soon. His friends don’t even really seem to be in too much of a rush to help him get out of the mess he’s in which is probably almost as excruciating as watching him scream his face off. I suppose it is a delicate job and they’ve gotta be careful but come on guys, the dude has got a crab trying to rip his balls off – a little urgency wouldn’t go amiss.

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