Man Has Scissors Removed From Abdomen After 18 Year Stomach Ache


A pair of scissors would probably cause that.

Having a stomach ache is never fun, but having one for 18 years and then finding out that it was caused by someone leaving a pair of scissors inside your tummy must be one of the most annoying things ever.

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This is unfortunately the story of 54 year old Ma Van Nhat from Vietnam. Back in 1998, Nhat was in a car accident which required him to have surgery and they unfortunately left the scissors used in the operation behind in his stomach.

This left Nhat with an 18 year stomach ache, the cause of which was only discovered when he received a recent ultrasound. As such, he had another three hour operation over the weekend to remove them and is now said to be feeling much better. Not surprising really I suppose.

Gang Thep Thai Nguyen, deputy head of general affairs at Gang Thep Thai Nguyen hospital, said the following:


He is recovering well.

He had spent nearly two decades eating, drinking and having a pretty normal life with moderate stomach pains throughout. It’s only recently that they have increased which led us to this discovery.

We are searching for the doctors who performed surgery in Bac Kan province in 1998, but have not yet tracked down any culprits.

Yeah, I bet those guys are keeping their heads low eh? Imagine being responsible for leaving a pair of scissors inside someone from 18 years – absolutely nothing to be proud of there. They should probably be thankful that nothing more serious happened to Nhat. They should still probably be stricken off though for suck a fuck up.

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