Donald Trump’s New Instagram Political Advert Is Absolutely Incredible

Say what you will about Donald Trump, the man knows how to make an A+ political ad.

I don’t know who the genius is behind Donald Trump’s Instagram page, but today the account shared this 15-second advert which honestly I don’t think could have been put together any better.

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Watch below:

Is this what we want for a President?

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Short, sweet and to the point. If I didn’t already know what a terrible person Donald Trump is (and could vote in America) then he would have my vote based on this ad alone. Why vote Trump? Because Putin knows martial arts, some ISIS dude has a gun, and Hilary Clinton’s up on stage barking like a dog. Point made in 15 seconds flat.

Question is will the ad work on a wider scale? I think it will because Trump seems to be getting more popular no matter what he does. The people want to be entertained, actual politics be damned.

Should be a hell of an election. As long as Trump keeps Sarah Palin away from the microphone this time.


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