Ultimate Fail: Man Gets Run Over By His Own Truck While Filming A TikTok Video

That’s one way to go viral.

With all the TikTok trends that end in injury, hospitalisation and general disaster, it’s become something of a Darwin app as users push themselves to unreal levels of carelessness and stupidity in a quest to go viral.

Take this chap for example – he went viral, but probably not for the reason he hoped…

Ouch! Had him yelling out in pain like Homer Simpson. Which I guess is quite apt because he seems a bit too old to be messing about on TikTok? Clearly not great karma when you’re a skinny jean-wearing 35 year old trying to impress teeny boppers on social media. One minute you’re bopping along besides your truck looking like the coolest dude around, the next you’re under its wheels getting crushed to death on camera.

It does seem that posting your Ls is in fashion nowadays, so maybe he’s actually happy with the way this turned out. Wonder if they used the same truck to take him to hospital?

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