Dude Analyses His Masturbation Habits Over The Last Three Months; Here Are His Results

Are you a bigger wanker than this guy?

Are you a bigger wanker than this guy? A member of Reddit’s /nofap crew kept a record of his wanking habits over a 93-day period and then analysed the findings using charts and graphs before sharing it online.

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He really went in-depth with this shit. Here’s what he found:


Not really sure what to make of this guy to be honest. I mean we all watch Internet porn. We all masturbate, or have masturbated A LOT at some point in our lives. We’ve all wondered at some point whether maybe we masturbate too much compared to the average person. But if you’re taking down notes and recording data like some crazy scientist after each time you crank one out that’s probably a step too far. Time to step away from Youjizz for a while.

P.S. His longest session was 68 minutes?! Who the hell wanks off for over a hour?

There’s only cure for you mate – do what this guy did and just make it impossible to masturbate ever again.


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