This Man Reckons He Found A Cat Anus In His £1.50 Tesco Tinned Beef Curry

Cat Anus

Looks delicious.

There’s no shame in buying food from the bargain section of a supermarket, but it does seem more likely that you’ll experience something like the guy in this story if that’s where you’re picking up most of your food from.

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30 year old Andrew Lee from Swansea reckons that he found what he’s describing as a cat’s anus in a £1.50 tin of Tesco beef curry. Like I said, you’re hardly going to expect gourmet stuff if you’re paying that much for a tin of beef, but you can still expect not to get served a cat’s anus in it.

Andrew was so traumatised by the experience that he claims that he couldn’t eat any kind of food for two days. Whilst that’s probably a bit of an exaggeration – sounds to me like he’s just trying to milk as much compensation from Tesco as possible – I can imagine it was a pretty rank thing to have to go through. Here’s what Andrew had to say about the whole incident:

Andrew Lee

It looked like a belly button or cat’s anus. It was a shock.

It’s the first time I’ve noticed something like that before.

There was the beginning of a tube then it was cut off. There was a bit of string on it too.

It’s weird. I don’t think it’s fat – it’s super smooth. The texture is like silk.

Someone said it could be a blood vessel but do they get that big?

I’d already eaten half of my dinner before I found it and I felt sick. It’d been sat on my plate.

I picked it up on the fork first and noticed the colour was different. It was like greyish skin coloured.

You could tell it wasn’t beef. Well, it could be beef, but not ‘meat beef’.

Normally you don’t get any kind of fat or anything. I’ve never had anything odd in there before.

I couldn’t eat for about two days after that. It’s the first diet that’s worked.

I normally love the beef curry with some jasmine rice and poppadoms. It’s quite tasty.

But I won’t be having those tins again and I won’t look at cats the same either.

Man Andrew does sound like a bit of a wet blanket here doesn’t he? I get that it’s rank finding something like that in your food but this guy really is being a massive cry baby about it. When you think about how many tins of beef curry Tesco probably makes a day then it’s not that ridiculous to think that one in maybe a million might have some kind of mistake with it. Get over it.

On their part, Tesco seem to have been fairly gracious about it, asking Andrew to return the ‘thing’ to his nearest store so they can examine it. They’re saying that it’s a blood vessel though and not a cat anus. I don’t even really know why a cat anus is the first thing that Andrew thought of when he saw it anyway? Do people even know what a cat anus looks like when they see one? Pretty sure I don’t.

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