Man Pulls Gun On Restaurant Because His Chicken Fingers Were Too Small


The struggle is real.

Employees at a fast food restaurant in Georgia, US, were left terrified after a customer pulled out a gun on them.

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The reason he became so angry and upset was reportedly due to the fact that his chicken fingers were too small. That’s a first world problem if ever I heard one – it certainly doesn’t warrant waving a dangerous firearm about.

The Columbus Police Department said they were called twice to the Zaxby’s restaurant located on Buena Vista Road after the man started threatening the customers. One of the employees, Juanakee White, said that the man became upset because he was unhappy at the size of his chicken fingers. He apparently left the shop and went to his car to retrieve his gun. After initially being escorted from the scene, the man then came back causing customers and employees to hide in a freezer.

What a massive fuss and all over the size of some chicken fingers.

Seriously, what is happening in America? We think we’ve got issues here in the UK, but at least our government doesn’t warrant the administration of guns to any nutjob that has the ability to fill in a license form.

With regards to this story, obviously being short changed with your chicken fingers sucks, but it definitely doesn’t mean you can just go waving your gun about and scaring the crap out of innocent customers and employees. Just complain and get a free meal instead.

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