Woman Pulls Out Loaded Gun After Being Served One Less Chicken Nugget


I’m a big fan of chicken nuggets, so I can understand the extreme reactions that people sometimes engage in when something comes between them and those loveable crispy bitesize snacks. This article might be taking it a little bit too far though.

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Over in Washington, police were called to a Jack In The Box restaurant where a customer was getting pretty goddamn rowdy after failing to receive the required amount of nuggets. The customer travelled up to the drive thru window and complained that there weren’t enough nuggets and they had been given the wrong drink, eventually throwing the drink at the window.

Not content with this act of defiance, the couple then parked the car up, got out of it and walked over to the window and started banging on it, screaming and cursing at the employees. When they went silent and stopped, the employees checked to see what they had done and discovered that a woman was now pointing a gun at the window.

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They hightailed it out of there, as did the guys in the car – presumably without their correct amount of nuggets or correct drink – but they were picked up by the cops later. The woman was heard screaming the following in the car: “none of this would have happened if the Jack in the Box people had just given them the correct order and not run their mouths.”

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Lol. What a dumb statement, although I suppose I can vaguely sympathise. Nothing like getting the wrong order, especially when its concerning chicken nuggets.

For more of the same, check out this woman’s absolute rampage when she was told there weren’t any chicken nuggets left at McDonald’s. Fairly understandable.


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