Man Proposes To His Girlfriend On Jeremy Kyle; Gets Brutally Rejected

Man Proposes Jeremy Kyle Show

Probably not the best place to declare your love, especially after you’ve just admitted cheating on your girlfriend.

Jeremy Kyle is obviously full of outrageous idiots, but this might be the dumbest incident we’ve ever heard of on it. It also might even beat this list of the worst ever marriage proposals.

It went down this morning when a guy called Jamie – who was described as a serial womaniser despite looking like he might enjoy playing War Hammer in his spare time – proposed to his fiancee again after he had just come clean with her about cheating on her with her mate whilst he was walking the dog. No, you couldn’t make this stuff up.

Dawn had previously caught him cheating but took him back after 48 hours because she loved him so much, despite knowing that he he was a ‘love rat’. Jamie decided to propose to her again live on the show in front of the studio audience with the country watching to show that he was truly repentant for his actions. Unfortunately it didn’t work out how he had hoped, as Dawn smashed the ring out of his hand as she was convinced he was still cheating on her, leaving him looking like a mug in front of the whole country. To be fair given his appearance and life choices, that’s probably a feeling he’s used to having – maybe not on such a grand scale though.

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Later on in the show, Dawn revealed that she had cheated on Jamie the night before and so it was probably best that she didn’t accept his proposal. Jeremy Kyle was notably fed up by the pair by this point offering the following insight:

Stop bitching about it. If you can’t get over it, go your separate ways. Put up or shut up.

Classic Jezza. Expect to see them back on the show before the end of the year, probably after Jamie has fathered kids by both Dawn and her mate and is refusing to take care of them.


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