Man Pours Boiling Water Over Colleague’s Head After He Stole His Girlfriend’s Hot Dog (VIDEO)

Well that escalated quickly.

A man has been sentenced to five and a half years in jail for pouring a bucket of boiling water over his colleague’s head in New Zealand.

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Kian-Wee Show, 28, who works at fresh produce company Turners and Growers, was upset that his colleague Bin Wu had taken a half-eaten hot dog from his girlfriend’s plate and eaten it at lunch the previous day.

Here’s how he chose to exact his revenge:

Bit of an overreaction I’d say. In fact, pretty sure you’d have to be a legit psychopath to actually pour a bucket of boiling hot water over someone. I mean OK you are under pressure to avenge your girlfriend any time someone steals a half-eaten hot dog from her plate, but I really think Kian-Wee Show could have thought of something a little less drastic.

Like what this sorority girl did to her cheating frat boyfriend, for example (NSFL).


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