Man Calls Police To Arrest Wife After She Forced Their Kids To Become Vegetarian


Slight overreaction.

A man over in Vladivostok, Russia has allegedly reported his wife to the police after she turned their kids vegetarian.

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The unnamed man filed a report by accusing her of endangering their children. He claimed that his wife was “forcing them” to be non-meat eaters, which he decided was not acceptable.

A police spokesperson said:

The man who filed the report claimed that his wife, a vegetarian, is forcing their children to give up meat, which is having a negative impact on their growth and development.


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However, obviously when the police made it to the house, they interviewed the children and found them to be in good health. Social services officials said:

The children didn’t complain about their mother, and the living conditions appear to be fine.

Well yeah, obviously. Vegetarianism is good for you – eating too much meat causes cancer and loads of other horrible generative diseases – surely this guy should’ve been grateful. But no, instead he decided to waste police time with his weird neurosis. Sounds like a grade A moron.

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