A Man Got His Penis Stuck In The Tube Station Barriers When He Tried To Jump Over

Penis Stuck Tube

Happy New Year!

Jumping over the barriers at the tube station to get out without paying is one of the oldest tricks in the book, although it’s becoming progressively more difficult as barriers get higher and higher and harder and harder to scale.

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One guy found this out to his detriment a couple of days ago when he tried to jump over the turnstile in Covent Garden, London and ended up getting his dick jammed in one of them. Even more embarrassingly, he literally couldn’t get out himself and had to ask the TFL guards to help him, all whilst he was screaming in pain and some other people were kindly filming him.

Guy is never gonna be able to live this one down:

Yeah that looked pretty painful but I’m sure his pride is going to be more dented from this video going massively viral than his actual dick. Gotta feel sorry for the guy even if he was trying to fare dodge, but I suppose if you leave 2017 at rock bottom then 2018 can only get better. We’ll see.

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