Guy Who Paid $3.7 Million To Have Sex With Megan Fox Is Suing Because She Didn’t Show Up


A Chinese businessman claims he paid an escort agency $3.7 million to have sex with supermodels and A-list actresses.

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Yu ‘Martin’ Xu says he paid Sydney-based agency Royal Court Escort for ‘sexual services’ from Megan Fox, Candice Swanepoel and Independence Day actress Angelababy, but he was stood up.

The agency apparently told Xu they could provide ‘female escorts of international standing for the provision of sexual services,’ and could organise it for him anywhere in the world if he paid $3.7 million (plus transport/accommodation).

Mr Xu’s statement of claim says:

It was agreed that if (Mr Xu) paid the sum of $3.7 million (the agency) would provide Megan Fox, Candice Swanepoel and ‘Angelababy’ as escorts for sexual services.

Mr Xu claims the agency stood him up despite him making the payments – a $24,000 ‘joining fee’ and then the rest in $500,000 installments.




As the old saying goes – a fool and his money are easily parted. Still I bet whoever’s running the show at Royal Court Escort in Sydney can’t believe how easy it was taking money from Mr Xu. $3.7 million! How can someone that stupid and gullible even have $3.7 million to throw around like that?

Even more gullible than the guy who’s been scammed by three SEPARATE girlfriends he met online, and that’s saying a lot.


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