The Man Who Offered £10 To Shove A Kebab In A Man’s Face Has Been Ordered To Pay Him £50



You probably remember some time ago that there was a video going round of some scummer offering a homeless man £10 to let him shove a kebab in his face because it went massively viral and it turns out that it’s taken the dude this long to appear in court for his crime.

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The video was reported to police due to its widespread nature and 29 year old Alan Thorpe has been ordered to pay £170 in costs dance carry out 80 hours of community service for his actions. He also has to pay £50 to the man – who wasn’t actually homeless, but just said ‘give me the tenner’ then when asked by Thorpe if he could throw the kebab in his face – as he never actually paid him the tenner after the original incident.

Thorpe also narrowly escaped jail time as he’s currently serving a suspended prison sentence as well at this point. His lawyer Nick Wright said the following:

He still lives with his mother and is very much a hands-on father.

He has recently acquired some work at Bombardier and starts at the end of this month.

He said he was sorry and regretted what he did. He spent a long time looking for the man afterwards.

He received death threats from doing this. He accepts what he had done is wrong.

Sounds like he learned his lesson? Or is just saying all this stuff to try and get away with it and stay out of jail. Probably a bit of both, but I guess it’s all over now. That video is probably going to haunt him for the rest of his days though hey.

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