Man Watching Live News Of Brothel Bust Gets Absolute Shock Of His Life (VIDEO)

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A man named Igor Alexeev from Russia got the shock of his life recently, after he spotted his wife working as a prostitute.

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Igor was watching a news report of a police raid in a brothel, but while he was watching the segment, he spotted his wife and mother to his child wearing lingerie. Apparently up until that point he had absolutely no idea that she was a sex worker of any kind.

Understandably he was horrified and amidst the shock he decided to search for her name online where he discovered that she charged £200 for a sex session. Which is actually quite a lot when you see what she looks like:

Following the raid, Igor left his wife of eight years and was given custody of their daughter. Maria claimed that she had only taken the job in order to provide for her family as her husband didn’t earn enough money. Nice work trying to deflect the blame there.

He did the right thing leaving his wife, but it doesn’t make it any less sad that an entire family’s life has fallen apart because of it. Hopefully she gets out of that profession and moves onto something a little more above the belt.

Maybe become a bacon critic or something. It certainly pays well.


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