A Man Named Daniel Sober Has Been Arrested For Drink Driving

Daniel Sober


Why is it always the way that people with names that purposefully imply that they shouldn’t be doing something always end up doing that?

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The latest in a long long list of such characters is a guy named Daniel Sober, who was picked up for drink driving in Butler, Pennsylvania on Sunday. Butler was recorded as blowing a 0.194 – more than twice over the legal limit of 0.08 – so there’s not really any debate that he really wasn’t anything like his namesake at this point in time.

Sober told police officers that he had been dropping her girlfriend off so that she could check on her son – don’t even want to start a conversation about responsible parenting right there – but they didn’t really care and hauled him before the judge. He was charged with drunk driving and careless driving and was subsequently released from police custody, due to return on March 20th.


Can’t see that going too well for him to be honest. I imagine that Sober will probably spend the rest of his time before said meeting getting as licked as possible, as who knows when he’ll be able to do that following his sentence. Maybe explore changing his name to Daniel Drunk instead. Would be more apt.

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