‘Don’t Drink And Drive’ Sign Hit By Drunk Driver

Eric Jones

Irony x 1000.

A business owner over in the US was left super pissed after he recently put up a ‘don’t drink and drive’ sign, only to have it smashed down shortly after by a drunk driver. If that’s not ironic then I don’t know what is.

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The crash on Sunday is just one of a whole load that have occurred recently, which was the main reason Dennis Lafferty bothered to put up the sign in the first place. Apparently the road in front of his shop is the most dangerous in Marion County, Oregon.

In the latest crash, a dude named Eric Jones, who had been getting a bit squiffy, missed the curve and crashed his truck into the freshly fitted anti-drink driving sign. He also hit three other cars on his round. Jones has since been arrested and charged for driving under the influence.

Lafferty can see the ironic side, but he’s also pretty pissed as he said he’s done everything he can to try and get drivers to slow down and not booze at the wheel and nothing has worked. This last attempt failed so miserably, I reckon he’s probably just going to sack it off and let people kill themselves on the road.

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