A Man Who Donated His Mum’s Body For Research Finds Out It Was Blown Up In A Bomb Test Instead

Messed up.

An Arizona man learned five years after his mother’s death that her body had been sold to the military and detonated in a bomb blast test without his consent, as per Reuters.

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Doris Stauffer died at the age of 73 in 2014 after fighting Alzheimer’s for years. Her son, Jim Stauffer, agreed to allow doctors to study his mum’s brain with the hopes her body could be used to further research into what causes memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients.

Instead… they strapped his mum’s dead body to a chair and blew it up.

Biological Resource Center (BRC), a since defunct organ-donor facility in Phoenix, arrived within 45 minutes of her death to take the body away. Jim says he signed paperwork that specified what was and wasn’t allowed to happen to his mum’s body.

Performing these medical tests that may involve explosions, and we said no. We checked the ‘no’ box on all that.

He later received a box with what he was told was the majority of his mum’s ashes, some information and an ID number.

He said Reuters assembled a paper trail using documents obtained by authorities that revealed the BRC sold his mum’s body to the military to be used in detonation testing. Her body was strapped to a chair and a bomb was detonated underneath it to simulate what happens to the human body when a vehicle hits an IED. Imagine being the guy who has to get up and go to work in the morning so he can strap a little old lady’s corpse to a chair and blow it up? Wow.

Jim has joined a civil lawsuit filed against BRC and its owner Stephen Gore, which alleges the body-donor facility preyed on low-income, uneducated and grieving families to get them to donate their loved ones’ bodies under false pretences. Sounds like he has a pretty solid case.

Jim says:

I don’t see a pathway of ever getting past this. Every time there’s a memory, every time there’s a photograph you look at, there’s this ugly thing that happened just right there staring right at you.

Just look at that photo of Jim’s sweet old mum with her little face and her little birthday cupcake. I mean that could be anyone’s mum or grandma. Obviously if you want to donate your body to the military to get blow up then that’s fair enough, but doing it to someone without theirs or their family’s consent? Pretty outrageous.

In fact this is the second time in a couple weeks where the Biological Resource Centre in Phoenix has been involved in some kind of fuckery. We wrote about this incident recently:

Unbelievable. Sounds like this Stephen Gore fella from BRC has been running his own twisted horror show but thankfully it’s over now. Hopefully he runs into Jim’s mum in the afterlife and gets an old school grandma smack round the mouth for his efforts.

Speaking of which, did you hear about man who murdered his son, then tried to kill himself so he could carry on fighting him in the afterlife? True story.


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