Guy Has Absolute MELTDOWN When Stripper Blocks Him For Being Creepy

No chill.

For some reason, in certain corners of the world there are douchebag men who seem to think of women not as people, but as objects designed for their own gratification. And when they don’t get their way and are put in their place, they throw all of their toys out of the pram.

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Case in point: this entire story. An unnamed man and his creepy AF pursuing of a female stripper has been doing the rounds online because, quite frankly, it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

At first he starts by asking the stripper over in Utah about prices, saying that he can’t wait to see her. And if a guy like him singled you out online, you’d immediately think “stalker” right?

Living up to these assumptions, the guy continues to hound her online despite silence on her end, before turning up to the club she worked at in a suit, with flowers and a card, like he was on a date.

When she then blocked him, he proceeded to go on an embarrassing tirade, claiming he was going to sue her before making up what is quite clearly some utter BS about having to go to strip clubs as research for a paper he’s writing.

Eventually, someone puts him in his place – with one message that pretty much sums up everything wrong with the guy’s insane actions. Check it out…

Phew! What a meltdown, hey? That guy really needs to have a word with himself about the way he treats women.

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He could definitely learn a thing or two from this video.


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