Sneaky Con Artist Sells Stolen iPhone To Man, Here’s What Happened When They Arranged To Meet Again…

That’s how it’s done.

From the uploader’s YouTube account:

Back story, I purchased an iPhone for my wife on craigslist for $560 the day before this video was taken. My friend was sent to meet him in a parking lot, upon inserting her SIM card that evening, AT&T shut our entire phone plan down. Apparently the iPhone he sold me was stolen and that’s all AT&T would tell us.

So I wrote him another email claiming I also wanted an iPhone for myself and he agreed to meet me back in the same parking lot the next day. Apparently, the stolen phone business is lucrative in ATX as he informed me he had several to choose from.

He ended up “refunding” me a total of $700 dollars (watch his counting). If he shows up to sell you a phone in Austin, beware!

Nicely done. Would have been great if he snatched the phones AND the money off him but you can’t have everything I guess. Probably the most respectable way of dealing with this type of situation possible. Big ups to the guy.


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