Man Takes Loads Of MDMA, Steals Boat To Hang Out With Swans But Gets Trapped On Island

A Man Got Stranded On A Fountain After Taking A Ton Of Molly And Stealing A Swan Boat

One hell of a bender.

Doing a whole tonne of MDMA is gonna make you do some weird stuff, but this is probably just gonna relate to you talking absolute bollocks to someone you don’t really know for hours and not letting them get a word in – it’s unlikely that you’re going to have quite as eventful a night as 36 year old Keith Thurston from Orlando.

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It sounds as if the guy boshed a couple of grams or something because he ended up stealing a boat on Lake Eola at 4am and paddling it over to an island/fountain to hang out with the swans over there. He said he wanted to be with the swans because they didn’t judge him, and I suppose that’s a fair enough comment because when you’re gurning your face off and want someone to listen to all your problems, they’re definitely not gonna offer their own opinions and let you get it all out.

As such this was probably a good idea in theory, but unfortunately for Thurston he wasn’t really thinking straight when he landed on this island as he forgot to tie his boat up and it ended up drifting away. He was this forced to scream for help until the emergency services rescued him at around 4am in the morning.

He was taken to hospital then but released later on as he was fine. Probably had one hell of a comedown though eh?

For more MDMA, check out this article that reckons it’s gonna be legal by 2021. Not sure about that mate.


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