A Man Made A Tube Of Pringles Last Four Hours So He Didn’t Have To Wear A Mask On A Flight

What a genius.

Haven’t said it this week yet I don’t think, but it’s still amazing me the lengths that people are going to avoid wearing masks and this story illustrates it perfectly once again.

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As I think we all know by now, you’re now required to wear a mask if you’re catching a flight anywhere but obviously you’re allowed to take it off briefly if you’re eating or drinking. A guy named Michael Richards was so adamant that he didn’t want to wear one on his four hour flight to Tenerife though that he decided to hatch a cunning plan where he would eat Pringles from a tube for the duration of the entire flight to avoid putting it on.

What a genius. Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

When you’re spending four hours on a plane you think of stuff, and I thought the only way you don’t have to wear a mask on a plane is if you’re eating or drinking.

So I thought I’d take my time eating these Pringles to see how long they’d last, and I kept nibbling away, but it was hard because once you pop you can’t stop, you know.

I’d say I only had to wear a mask for about 10 minutes of the flight and that was when I had to get up to use the toilet and to get my suitcase down.

When we landed, I Googled how many Pringles were in a tube and it’s about 100 Pringles.

Then I divided that by the time of the flight and that’s one per two-and-a-half minutes.

So if you sat there munching, you can pretty much get through a whole flight without wearing a mask.

I guess that’s good for him that he outsmarted the system and didn’t have to wear the uncomfortable mask for the whole flight. Must make himself feel good with that hey, so good in fact that he decided to share his hack on Facebook and when anyone called him out about it, he said he didn’t care because he was living it up in Tenerife and they were stuck in rainy England. Seems like a real good guy.

Hopefully though he contracts Coronavirus for being such a dickhead and threatening everyone’s safety because he didn’t want to be uncomfortable. We can but hope hey. Wear a mask it’s not that hard.

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