VIDEO: Watch A Man Casually Lift 72 Pounds With His Eyelids

Guy Lifts 72 Pounds With Eyelids

Taking it to the extreme.

About a year and a half ago we featured Chinese weightlifter Wang XianXiang who was pretty stoked that he could lift five pounds with each of his eyelids – that’s a total of ten pounds for all of you slow at maths out there.

At the time I thought this was pretty extreme and weird and outrageous, but some dude called Lachyl Abdul Guseynov has taken it way past the next level at a weightlifting competition in Georgia and decided to lift 36 pound kettle bells from each of his eyelids, making a total of 72 pounds lifted by his dinky little eyelids. How the hell he managed that I’ll never know. To make it even more impressive, he then lifts some weights over his head to celebrate.



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