Man Left With Bite Marks All Over His Chest After Row About Wearing A Mask Properly



Another day, another crazy story about someone refusing to wear a mask properly and reacting absolutely crazily to the perfectly reasonable request of someone asking them to put it on correctly.

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This time we’re in Antwerp over in Belgium for the story, which is kind of surprising considering that most Europeans seem to be getting on with wearing masks and you don’t hear anywhere near as many stories about them as people in this country or America. 56 year old Robert Murphy was on the bust when someone who wasn’t wearing a mask properly sneezed on him – but they apologised – and another couple weren’t wearing them at all.

Robert decided to call them out on this but was dismayed when the man attacked him and bit him on his chest, leaving the horrible mark that you can see above. Looks like a tiger has attacked him or something.

Here’s what Robert had to say about the incident:

This Irish re

I just asked the man to wear the mask properly over his nose.

He attacked me after he had called me a bastard.

I tried to pull myself free, but I am disabled so it was not easy.

We tussled until the man threw himself at my chest and bit me.

I couldn’t believe it. He was like a mad dog.

I pushed him away, but he wouldn’t leave me alone. The whole time he tried to bite me again.

Strangely enough, the doctor doesn’t want to do a Covid-19 test because I cannot show that the other person, the biter, was infected with the virus. Fingers crossed.

The 38 year old man and his partner jumped off the bus after the attack, but have now been tracked down and arrested by the Belgian authorities. Robert is still in hospital being treated for his wound, which is kinda crazy when you think about it.

Can’t believe that someone asking you to put your mask on properly could lead to someone biting someone repeatedly on the chest but here we are. Suppose nothing should really be that surprising when it comes to the mask issue considering how stupid everything that’s happened so far has been. The best is yet to come I imagine.

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