Teen’s Photoshoot Goes Wrong When Dog Bites Her Face (NSFL)

Bad dog!

Dogs are great to use in photoshoots that you can then use to rack up Likes on social media, so long as the dog doesn’t end up biting your face off in the middle of said photoshoot.

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Unfortunately for Lara Sanson, 17, from Tucuman, Argentina, she was left needing 40 stitches to her face after her friend’s pet German Shepherd named Kenai bit her in the face as they were posing for the camera.

Credit to Lara – she’s refused to have Kenai put down and she uploaded the images from the photoshoot anyway, including the moment the dog went for her (big ups to the photographer):

That photo got her over 300,000 Likes on Instagram – worth it:

Lara told local newspaper La Nacion:

I do not know if I touched its hip or if it reacted like this because it is old, or it was because I hugged it and scared it.

That could be it to be fair. Dogs that are old are usually in some kind of pain and so they don’t like being manhandled and annoyed too much. One user commented under Lara’s Facebook post with another theory:

A dog should never be hugged from the neck, don’t put your face near it, as their instinct tells them you are going to attack them, the neck is the most vulnerable part of a dog.

I guess there’s no way of knowing for sure what made Kenai snap but it’s probably never a good idea to put your face that close to a dog that isn’t yours or that you don’t know very well. Maybe he was just annoyed at being used as a prop to get a teenage girl some Instagram Likes? Dogs have feelings too you know.

Even still, it needs to be said – bad dog! Bad, bad dog!

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