Road Rager Threatens To Break Man’s Kneecaps, Gets KO’d In Beautiful Fashion (VIDEO)

“Do you wanna lose your fucking kneecaps?”

There’s no real context offered in this clip which was shared by @charliemillar20 on Twitter, but it looks as though these two have somehow got into an argument in a car park and one of the men has produced a police baton he bought off Amazon to threaten the other guy with. 

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Here’s how that works out for him (turn sound on):

Oof. Obviously it’s not nice that someone had to get knocked out there but there is something satisfying about a guy with a weapon who thinks he has all the power getting put to sleep moments after asking whether someone would like their knee-caps broken.

I mean the other guy did not look intimidated by his baton in the slightest and managed to deck him with possibly the most telegraphed punches of all time. Could see them coming a mile off. 

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