Man Brutally Knocks Out Girl He Met Just Hours Earlier At A Festival (VIDEO)

Bang out of order.

There’s almost never any excuse to hit a woman, or anyone for that matter, but it looks like this roided up lunatic doesn’t see it that way.

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CCTV footage from outside a shop in Venice Beach, California this week shows this guy turn around and punch a girl square in the face, knocking her to the ground:

The woman had apparently met the man at a festival just hours earlier, but there’s no word on why they fell out so quickly. Los Angeles Police are now hunting for the guy in the footage.

Respect to that other bloke for putting him in a chokehold and at least trying to detain him, even if he did end up getting dumped on his head. A little help from one of the other dozen witnesses would have been nice.

For a similar situation in which you might argue the punch was deserved, click HERE.


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