Man Kicks 16-Year-Old Girl In The Face For Not Wearing A Mask, Gets Stomped By Other Passenger

When you refuse to wear a mask on a bus in Birmingham.

A man on a bus in Birmingham has been filmed kicking a teenage girl in the face because she wasn’t wearing a mask, prompting another passenger to intervene.

The man and his partner chastise the 16-year-old for putting other people in danger (even though she’s not the only person on the bus without a mask) and threaten to knock her out. As they get off the bus, the man boots her in the head. Watch as another passenger then gets involved and puts the man on his arse:

Would be nice if the guy who kicked the girl in the head paid more attention to his own mask slipping off all the time, but I guess that’s the sort of moron you have to be to assault a child in the first place. Big ups to the other passenger for dealing with the situation. Maybe stamping on the dude’s head was a big extreme but I guess watching a 16-year-old girl get kicked by a grown man will illicit a serious response from a lot of people.

As for the girl herself… probably should have been wearing a mask? It’s supposed to be mandatory on public transport but I guess bus drivers aren’t paid enough to give a shit and too many people aren’t bothered about a virus with a 99.4% survival rate. Even still, there’s no harm in wearing one just to be on the safe side. My feeling is that we’ll be seeing a lot more of these videos before people figure that out.

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