Looter Steals iMac Computer, Gets Beaten Up & Robbed By Other Looters (VIDEO)

There’s no honour amongst thieves.

As we’ve seen over the last few days, peaceful protests over the senseless death of George Floyd in America have been hijacked by looters and rioters who are taking advantage of the demonstrations to nab themselves a free pair of trainers or new electronics in the name of social justice.

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There is no honour among thieves however, as this young man found out when he looted an iMac from the Apple store and was then robbed himself by his fellow looters. Lol:

Love how he fought to hold onto that iMac like he actually bought it. Just goes to show that it’s really not safe for anyone out there right now because if the police don’t beat you up, other ‘protesters’ will. What an absolute shit hole the US is turning into. It’s basically a third world country with make-up on at this point, isn’t it?

The maddest part is that there is no sign of this carnage ending any time soon. How soon before Trump calls in full-on Martial Law to handle things? What an absolute disaster.

For the touching video of a US cop condemning George Floyd’s murderers and asking that others do the same, click HERE.


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