Man Dies After Being Hit By Coffin During Haunted House Ride

Real life horror show.

A man has died after reportedly being hit by a coffin as he walked through a haunted house ride.

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The 21-year-old only identified by his surname Cheung was left unconscious five minutes after entering the Buried Alive ride at Ocean Park in Hong Kong.

He was sadly pronounced dead after being rushed to Ruttonjee Hospital on Saturday. Cheung was visiting the park with this friend who worked there and they were both allowed an early look at the rides on offer at its Halloween-themed festival which is set to start early next month.

Oceon Park haunted house

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According to local reports, he descended down a coffin-slide before exploring a backstage area where he was hit by “moving parts of the ride”. Apparently the area where he was killed was supposed to be “a place for our staff to carry out some maintenance work,” said park authorities, although the park has still come under fire for not securing this part properly.

Priscilla Leung Mei-fun, chairwoman of the Legislative Council’s justice and legal services panel, said:

Under such circumstances, shouldn’t an area closed to guests simply be locked or equipped with automatic lighting?

As said, the ride is part of the park’s annual Halloween festival, which promised visitors the, “experience of buried alive alone, before fighting their way out of their dark and eerie grave.” Something tells me that after this incident, people are going to be staying well away from this “buried alive” experience.

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