Man Disrupts Funeral Of Murdered Kenyan Businessman By Hanging Onto Helicopter Carrying Body

The footage is absolutely bonkers.

A Kenyan man disrupted the mourning of murdered businessman Jacob Juma by clinging to the helicopter carrying his dead body because he wanted to get a ‘better look’ at the corpse.

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Mourners had gathered in Bungoma, Kenya on Friday to pay their respects before Juma’s body was to be transported to his burial site. As the copter carrying his body attempted to take off however, a local man clung to the helicopter and wouldn’t let go, even when the pilot lowered the copter for him to drop off.

Watch the madness unfold:

The man eventually jumped off after the pilot lowered the helicopter at Bungoma’s air strip, and suffered injuries to his hip, elbow and face in the process. He’ll be arrested and charged for endangering his own life and the pilot’s life once he’s out of hospital. Well, what did he think was going to happen?

Credit where it’s due though – I can’t believe he actually survived it. Who says this stuff only happens in the movies eh?

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