Man Provides Morning-After ‘Sendoff Bags’ For Women He Shags Including Cash, Weed & Doritos

How do we feel about this?

A Facebook post is going viral today after the profile owner shared an image of a gift she was given by a one night stand as she left his house. It’s a goody bag or “sendoff bag” as he’s labelled it, containing snacks, weed and, um, cash, as a little thank you to send her on her way.

Females, how do you feel about this one?

As a man, I have to say I’d be absolutely thrilled if a girl gave me one of these sendoff bags after I stayed round. That would save me like 2 stops on the way home!

Let’s have a closer look at the contents…

– $40

– Lipton ice tea

– A sandwich

– Packet of Dorito’s

– A nugget of weed

Not bad! All that’s missing is the morning-after pill to really have all bases covered but still, you wouldn’t turn your nose up at this sendoff bag would you? I mean OK the $40 is a bit dodgy and would probably make you feel like a bit of a slag but even still, it’s $40 you weren’t expecting! Better than just being kicked to the curb with nothing, right?

So yeah, a pretty thoughtful young man if you think about it. Posche Matthews sure seems stoked about it, that’s for sure. Looks like the rest of us fellas are going to have to up our game on this evidence.

To meet the transgender woman who doesn’t tell her one night stands about her past, click HERE. That’s not on, surely?


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