A Man Has Found A Handwritten Note Inside His KFC

What did it say?

We’ve had some horror stories over the years about people finding some absolutely horrendous items in their takeaways, but this one has definitely gotta be up there with one of the weirdest after a guy found a handwritten note in his KFC. What?

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Ken Hyde ordered a two piece variety meal from near a hotel he was staying at back in December 2018 and was shocked to find that there was the leftovers of a handwritten note inside the chicken meat that he was eating. Ken was understandably disgusted and threw the food away, being offered a £7 voucher as compensation from KFC – although crucially he was not offered a refund.

Here’s what Ken had to say about the incident:

I was shocked and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

And I was just disgusted to be honest. Especially, since the paper was literally embedded into the chicken.

Wouldn’t expect that from a large chain such as KFC.

I took pictures and threw it in the hotel bin and complained to them on Twitter and also emailed them.

They apologised and gave me a £7 voucher which expired within a few months. Not even a refund.

Never been back to KFC since and won’t be going back ever.

I mean I’m not surprised to be honest – it’s pretty lame to offer him £7 compensation for what amounts to a major screw up. Doesn’t really sound like they were too bothered about it at all.

Gotta wonder how a handwritten note managed to get into the chicken though because you can’t think that it happened by accident and probably had to be put there deliberately. A shame he didn’t try and decipher it as that might have given us some clues as to what was behind it, but alas I guess we’ll never know. Let’s hope it wasn’t a cry for help from some chained up overworked KFC slaves trying desperately to get word to the outside world about their working conditions.

Whenever these posts go up I’m also careful to say that if you think about how many KFCs there are in this country alone and how little this kind of stuff happens – it really is the major exception to the rule – then for the most part they’re doing a good job. You can’t really help one asshole who thinks it’s funny to batter a note along with the chicken can you? Give them a break.

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