Son Finds His Dad Dead In Sex Swing Surrounded By Gas Cylinders

Sex Swing

Poor guy.

An unnamed 53 year old man has been found dead in his sex swing in his home in Hove on Friday night. He was discovered by his son at around 9:15pm and his body was surrounded by empty gas cylinders.

It hasn’t yet been determined what was in the cylinders, but the houses next door were evacuated whilst a hazardous area response team checked it out. They found that it wasn’t a threat to public safety though. Sounds to me like he was just doing a bunch of laughing gas whilst he was jerking off in his sex swing.

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The death isn’t being treated as suspicious. To be honest it does just sound like he got a bit too carried away with his poppers/laughing gas/whatever was in those cylinders and did too much of it and had a heart attack or whatever.

It must have been completely traumatic for the kid to find his dad like that though. I mean obviously it’s awful that his dad has died but to find him (presumably naked) on a sex swing must been even more messed up. Poor guy.

Let’s just hope he wasn’t using any of these disturbing sex toys either.


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