A Man Was Forced To Go To Hospital After Getting A Metal Nut Stuck On His Penis (PICTURE)


When are people going to learn that it’s simply not a good idea to stick tight round objects over your penis and masturbate because it’s clearly going to do a whole lot of damage to your little guy?

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Clearly not soon enough despite me posting one of these articles almost once a year because here we are again. This time, a guy over in Hong Kong thought that it would be a good idea to put a metal nut over his penis in an attempt to maintain an erection by using it as a DIY penis ring. Needless to say, it didn’t turn out well at all.

After the guy busted his nut, he found it impossible to remove the nut from the base of his penis and had to hang his head in shame and head to the hospital to get them to sort it out. They discovered a large build up of fluid in his dick when they got around to seeing him (eww) and were forced to use a diamond drill to cut it off, leaving poor Hong Kong buddy with two cuts on his penis. Yeowch!

If you wanna see what it looked like then click here (be warned), but the blurred out photograph below is probably enough for you to gauge what’s going on here:

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Yuck. I hope you didn’t click on the link but if you didn’t, here’s what the official report said:

The penis was engorged with venous congestion. A circumferential 4 cm long superficial skin abrasion was seen around the pressure area by the metal nut, with adjacent patches of necrotic skin.

Patient was hospitalised for five days in view of fever, and discharged with two-week course of oral antibiotics according to blood culture result. On discharge, the penile tip was well perfused with intact sensation, but a patch of ischemic skin at the site of previous strangulation remained.

On 1 month follow up, patient reports normal voiding, and both erection and morning erections were normal. He had not yet engaged in sexual activity. On examination, there were scars over the prepuce at the site of previous strangulation.

Seriously, if this isn’t enough for you not to try and do something like this in pursuit of sexual gratification then there must be something wrong with you or you’re just obsessed with getting off as hard as possible. Just don’t do it whichever one of those it is though, OK?

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