Man Flies To Spain And Gets A Full English Breakfast For £15 Total



Last week we featured a guy who flew to Italy and picked up a pizza for less than a price than getting a local Domino’s delivered to his house and this week we’ve found a guy who decided to go to Magaluf to grab a full English breakfast for £15 total.

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Apparently that’s just under £2 more than the price of a standard full English in this country which sounds kind of outrageous to me because I don’t think I’ve ever paid quite that much for one of them, but I can definitely see it going that way with the cost of living crisis and everything else going on at the moment. Anyway, Ben Matthew Saunders wanted to highlight creative ways to get around money problems at the moment (aka boost his TikTok profile by getting some more views) and that’s why he decided to undertake the trip that you can see below:

@beninternet Flying across Europe for a Full English 🇬🇧 #fyp #fypシ #uk #magaluf #fullenglishbreakfast ♬ Flowers – Miley Cyrus

I was thinking about how everything is going in the UK with the cost of living crisis and wanted to see how far I could make my money go.

I also wanted to show others how they could save money by thinking outside of the box.

I didn’t tally up the full costs as I wanted to factor in the flights and the food.

I have a railcard so I saved money on the train and it was still so cheap and I went to another country.

The total cost is still cheaper than some breakfasts in the UK and it shows people they can save money if they’re more creative.

Even if that means your local store is a Waitrose and you get a bus and go further afield to Aldi it can save you £30, that sort of thing.

I’m not encouraging everyone to go to Spain for breakfast.

Sounds like Ben was telling a few fibs there wasn’t he? Still fair play to him for coming clean though.

I think we gotta look at this £12.95 full English price again though. I’m pretty sure that’s only applicable when going to the real fancy places where you’re getting duck eggs and some sausage with a weird prefix attached to it and that you can still get it for way less than that – and probably double the food – down your local non wxnky greasy spoon.

It’s especially relevant when you look at how butters the full breakfast that Ben picked up in Magaluf was as well. Sure it’s double the size but it’s not the quality of food item you would probably get if you hang out at Ben’s usual brunch spots.

Not that I’m complaining here – would probably prefer a greasy spoon myself – but it’s like comparing chalk and cheese so I think the guy’s kinda mugged himself off here with his challenge. Just saying.

For more of the same, check out this study that says millennials are killing off the full English breakfast anyway. Sad.



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