A Man Has Been Fined After Breaking Lockdown Rules To Go Dogging

Gotta do what you gotta do.

I dare say that most of us have broken at least one of the lockdown rules over the past few months, but I think hanging out with people from different households outside or going round to their garden is on a bit of a different level to engaging in some hardcore dogging.

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This is what one man felt the need to do though, as 24 year old Daniel Lewis was busted with two other men watching a couple have sex in a car park on May 17th earlier this year, when gatherings of more than two people were still banned. Lewis and his dogging posse were spotted by police in Stoke Wood car park, near Bicester in Oxfordshire – a known dogging hot spot in the area.

Lewis was fined £300 by Oxford Magistrates Courts, as well as a victim surcharge of £34 and court costs of £90. I hope it was worth it, as normally you would imagine that a night of dogging was probably free of charge aside from transport costs and a couple of ninnies whilst you’re watching the main event. 

I guess you can’t really legislate for what it might have been like for Lewis after being denied one of his favourite activities during the lockdown. Hopefully he will have had his fix of it over the last few months so he isn’t tempted to engage in it again during the upcoming 2nd lockdown. 

No news on what happened to his two accomplices or the couple having sex, but you would imagine that they faced similar charges. Let’s hope they all managed to get it out of their systems

For more of the same, check out the six essential rules of dogging. Hopefully Lewis was at least following them.


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