Man Gets Fined £60 For Taking Over An Hour To Eat His KFC Meal

Man eating fried chicken

You’ve gotta do better than that.

A man was fined £60 for taking nearly an hour and a half to eat his KFC meal. What was he playing at?

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Mark Howie was driving to his home in Hertfordshire with his mum and daughter when he decided to make a pit stop at a KFC branch in Stockton-on-Tees. You can’t beat a bit of off-road fried chicken.

Not only did he spend £23 on the meal, but he also received the £60 fine through the post for overstaying his one hour limit. And private parking firm Civil Enforcement Ltd said he would have to pay an extra £100 if he didn’t pay the fine on time. Wounded.

Here’s what Howie had to say about the whole incident:

The one thing that struck me was how they say you can eat a family meal in under an hour, but when you have kids that definitely isn’t always possible.


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Meanwhile a spokesperson for KFC said they’re actually looking at making its parking system better for customers:

Although we don’t run the car park at our Wolviston restaurant, our fans are important to us, so we worked with the parking company to get Mark’s fine overturned.

Time restrictions on parking are there for the benefit of our customers, so there’s space available for them to park while eating.

We’ve taken the feedback on board and are looking at how we can make the system better.

Well that’s nice of them, although it still doesn’t help poor Mark out. Having said that, who in their right mind takes over an hour to eat a KFC? That’s utter madness, kids or not.

Maybe it wouldn’t have taken him quite so long if he’d been able to pay using just his smile. Cut the queue and get straight to the eating.


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