Man Fills Scuba Tank With Weed Smoke And Accidentally Blows His Balls Off

Utter devastation.

In one of the most mind-boggling freak accidents you’ll ever hear about, a man has lost his testicles while attempting to turn a scuba tank into a bong.

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The 27-year-old from Calgary, Boston was trying to “fill a scuba tank with weed smoke’ while already smashed off his face on alcohol.

He’d invited his friends rounds to witness his masterpiece, but as they explain it didn’t quite go to plan:

Mike’s a recreational diver. For some time, he’s been tinkering with an old scuba tank that he’d bought cheap from a dive shop. His plan was to use an air compressor to feed smoke into the tank, and then use a scuba regulator to inhale it.

After he’d invited them round to check out this ‘scuba bong’:

Clearly it wasn’t a bong at all, but he was so enamoured with the name we thought best not to correct him.

The tank basically exploded after (Mike) knocked it over.

His friends quickly called an ambulance which rushed Mike to the hospital, where surgeons spent over 8 hours treating his extensive wounds. In the end they were unable to save his testicles which had been “cleanly severed” by a shard of metal.


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Probably one of the most unlikely headlines of all time. If you gave someone half that headline and asked them to finish it, there’s no chance they would guess that “accidentally blows his balls off” follows “man fills scuba tank with weed smoke.” Absolutely unreal sentence.

Anyway, sounds like this guy is a bit of an idiot so it was probably only a matter of time before something like this happened to him. Stick to the regular bongs mate, like this guy who took five monster rips in one breath.Whoa.


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